If the past repeats itself, Bitcoin only sees steep corrections before new highs

Bitcoin is clearly in a full-blown bull market, with any slump being aggressively absorbed by buyers as it continues to move higher.

In contrast to the BTC rallies of the past, this most recent one has been mainly slow-moving – which shows that Bitcoin has matured as an asset.

There have been some major pullbacks over the course of this recent surge, but it’s important to note that buyers were quick to undo all of those pulls.

A veteran trader now notes that Bitcoin has seen about 9 major pullbacks averaging 37% during multi-year bull trends

That means the cryptocurrency could see some sharp declines over the coming months and years.

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have gotten stronger and stronger by the day.

Bears have tried several times to take control of the digital benchmark asset, but they have absolutely failed.

Where all of the market trends are going to go next depends largely on whether buyers are still able to break through the high resistance levels of the time frame, which are just above current trading levels.

A veteran trader also comments that while Bitcoin has not yet seen strong sell-offs, it is very likely that the cryptocurrency will see some of them in the months ahead, if its macro uptrend continues.

Bitcoin is nearing new annual highs as the bulls show their strength

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 16,650. This is a bit above the recent highs of $ 16,500 that were set just days ago.

If it succeeds in permanently breaking the resistance at $ 16,500 and rebounding towards $ 17,000, BTC could be catapulted near its previous all-time highs.

Rejection is likely here, but it remains unclear how long this level will last as resistance.

Top trader warns: BTC could experience serious setbacks
One veteran trader believes that while price action is incredibly strong, Bitcoin could see some major setbacks in the future while maintaining its uptrend.

He comments that historically, BTC sees around 9 significant corrections over the course of a macro uptrend.

“During the 2015-2017 bull market in Bitcoin $ BTC, there were 9 significant corrections with the following averages: 37% decline from high to low. 14 weeks from one ATH to the next ATH. There have been two 10% corrections since the early September low. „

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FC Bayern München bliver symboliseret på Ethereum Blockchain

FC Bayern München bliver symboliseret på Ethereum Blockchain

FC Bayern München er den tredje Bundesliga-klub, der samarbejder med Sorare, hvor 100 klubber nu er i partnerskab.

Ethereum-baseret fantasy-fodboldplatform Sorare har annonceret et partnerskab med FC Bayern München.
Samlere og gamere kan købe, sælge og lege med fodboldkort i begrænset udgave.

Sorare har i øjeblikket 45.000 globale brugere med en oktobervolumen på 1 million dollars

Tysklands Bundesliga og 2020 Champion League-vindere, Bayern München Fodboldklub, har underskrevet et partnerskab, der gør det muligt for Sorare at præges spillere fra klubben i spillet.

FC Bayern München er den tredje Bundesliga-klub, der samarbejder med Sorare, hvor 100 klubber nu er i partnerskab.

Sorare er et fantasy fodbold videospil baseret på Ethereum blockchain. Brugere kan bytte fodboldspillerkort i begrænset udgave og Bitcoin Up opbygge hold med spillere som Cristiano Reynaldo og Neymar, der tjener præmier i spillet baseret på atleternes præstationer i det virkelige liv.

Fodboldfans indsamler og handler ofte fysiske kort, og fantasyfodbold baseret på blockchain-teknologi muliggør øjeblikkelig overførsel af kort som unikke digitale aktiver. Sorares administrerende direktør Nicolas Julia fejrede FC Bayern München-aftalen som en „vigtig milepæl“ og tilføjede, at tre ud af de 5 bedste europæiske mestre nu er underskrevet med Sorare, inklusive Juventus og Paris Saint-Germain.

Sorare kan hjælpe med at drive blockchain-adoption

Oprettelse af unikke digitale samlerobjekter er uden tvivl et af de mest universelt tilgængelige brugssager til blockchain-teknologi.

Ved at underskrive højt profilerede fodboldklubber til sin fantasyfodboldplatform tilskynder Sorare blockchain og digitale aktiver i det daglige liv. Fordi aktiverne er præget ved hjælp af blockchain-teknologi, har de indbygget knaphed og klart identificerbare ejere.

Sorare indsamlede for nylig $ 4 millioner i frøfinansiering for at hjælpe med at videreudvikle platformen. Blockchain-spil vokser i popularitet, og sidste år tegnede det sig for størstedelen af ​​dApp-brug i det decentrale økosystem.

Andre blockchain-platforme som Crypto Kitties og Open Sea har vokset store brugerbaser, der handler blockchain-samleobjekter og handelskort.

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Only three days left – 100-day rule could „hedge“ Bitcoin’s US$100,000

If Bitcoin can stay above the $10,000 mark for three more days, the next ten-jump is „safe“.

Bitcoin (BTC) has now been above the $10,000 mark for almost 100 consecutive days, and if the past repeats itself, the market-leading crypto currency may be poised for astronomical gains.

On October 30th, several voices in social networks pointed out that Bitcoin is now only five days away from staying above the $10,000 mark for 100 consecutive days.

Only three days left

As a graphic by Twitter user Julio Moreno using data from the crypto analysis portal CoinMetrics illustrates, Bitcoin has always made it tenfold upwards after 100 days above a round mark, although the time until the next tenfold step varies greatly.

For example, after 100 days above the $10 mark, it took 122 days before Bitcoin could crack the $100 mark, but after 100 days above the $100 mark, it took only two days to jump to $1,000.

The climb to $10,000 again took longer, as it took 150 days after the crypto currency had been above the $1,000 mark for 100 days to reach the next tenfold increase.

„Bitcoin has now been above the 10,000 US dollar mark for more than 90 days and is currently almost 30% above this mark. It has never made it this long before“, as the cryptomarket researchers from The TIE stated on Monday in their weekly newsletter. So they continue to write:

„The second longest period to date was in December 2017 when BTC broke the USD 10,000 mark for the first time and jumped to a record high of USD 20,000 with a further 79% increase. The third longest period was in August 2019 when Bitcoin remained in a 20% price range for almost 4 months“.

Even more reason for optimism

So the crypto traders‘ attention is now focused on November 3rd to see if Bitcoin can fill the 100 days again, and especially what happens next.

However, it is not only the 100-day rule that gives reason for optimism, because Bitcoin could still achieve one of the highest monthly trades ever at the end of October, if the 13,890 US dollar mark can still be cracked today, Saturday.

November 3 is also interesting for crypto investors for another reason, as this is the date of the US presidential election, which experts believe will definitely have an impact on Bitcoin.

In addition, Bitcoin’s mining deficit will be automatically adjusted on Tuesday, this time downwards by almost 10.4%. This will make market entry more lucrative for miners, which could possibly also drive the price upwards.

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Complete guide: Who the funds with exposure to Bitcoin and cryptomoedas approved by CVM

The Cointelegraph has prepared a complete guide with all the information about the investment funds with exposure in cryptomaps and that are approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, check out

Since 2019, Brazilian investors who do not want to mine, buy Bitcoin or cryptomoedas in exchanges or in the p2p mecado and wish to have an exposure to the cryptomoedas market, count on Investment Funds approved and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, CVM.

Bitcoin, stablecoins and tokens are ‚welcome‘ in the Brazilian Central Bank Sandbox

The funds authorized by CVM in Brazil are from multi-market funds that have crypto exposure but are not composed 100% in cryptoactive and funds with 100% crypto exposure.

Unprecedented research by CVM reveals that Brazilian investors like Bitcoin and cryptomoedas

However, by CVM determination, some funds are destined only for qualified investors (which have more than R$ 1 million in proven investment) and others that are destined for retail investors.

‚Bitcoin historical value in Brazil is linked to the devaluation of the real with the dollar‘, declares Bitcoin Trade founder

Currently the funds are offered by 4 managers: QR Asset, Vitreo, Hashdex and BLP, each of which has its own rules, compositions and objectives.

The Cointelegraph has prepared a guide with each of the available funds and their rules, check them out.

The company that is part of Banco BTG Pactual has 4 funds with exposure in cryptomoedas


Fund cryptomaps are held in custody at Fidelity Digital, Coinbase Custody and regulated exchanges in the U.S.
Hashdex Cryptoactive Discovery FIC FIM

Feature: managed by BTG Pactual Serviços Financeiros S.A. DTVM]

Composition: 20% of its assets in quotas of offshore investment funds that seek to replicate the Hashdex Digital Assets Index (Nasdaq: HDAI); and 80% of exposure to highly liquid assets that seek returns similar to the CDI.

Cryptomoedas that integrate the HDAI – Bitcoin 73.88%; Ethereum 13.10%; XRP 3.22%; Bitcoin Cash 1.52%; Binance Coin 1.32%; Chainlink 1.21%; Litecoin 1.10%; Bitcoin SV 0.96%; EOS 0.75%; TRON 0.58%; Stellar 0.49%; Tezos 0.44%; Cosmos 0.36%; Neo 0.34%; Aave 0.20%; Dash 0.20%; Ethereum Classic 0.19%; OMG Network 0.13%

Review of the assets that make up the fund: Quarterly

Fees: Management fee of 1% per year and no performance fee

Redemption rules: Must be requested in up to D+5 (runs) with redemption payment in D+2 (useful after quote)

Who can invest: Free for retail investors

Minimum amount to invest: Minimum initial investment is R$ 500 and the investor must remain with at least R$ 250 balance and minimum movement of R$ 100

In which brokerage house can I have access to invest in the fund: XP Investimentos, BTG, Warren, Guide, Genial, Icap, Necton, RIco, Órama, Easyinvest, active, Mycap

Custody value and investors: Not informed

Additional information can be accessed from the link.

Hahdex Cryptoactive Explorer FIC FIM

Feature: managed by BTG Pactual Serviços Financeiros S.A. DTVM

Composition: 40% of its assets in quotas of offshore investment funds seeking to replicate the Hashdex Digital Assets Index (Nasdaq: HDAI); and 60% exposure to highly liquid assets seeking returns similar to the CDI

Cryptomoedas that integrate the HDAI – Bitcoin 73.88%; Ethereum 13.10%; XRP 3.22%; Bitcoin Cash 1.52%; Binance Coin 1.32%; Chainlink 1.21%; Litecoin 1.10%; Bitcoin SV 0.96%; EOS 0.75%; TRON 0.58%; Stellar 0.49%; Tezos 0.44%; Cosmos 0.36%; Neo 0.34%; Aave 0.20%; Dash 0.20%; Ethereum Classic 0.19%; OMG Network 0.13%

Review of the assets that make up the fund: Quarterly

Fees: Management fee of 1% per year and no performance fee

Redemption rules: Must be requested in up to D+5 (runs) with redemption payment in D+2 (useful after quote)

Who can invest: Only qualified investors (who have more than R$ 1 million invested and declared)

Minimum amount to invest: minimum initial investment of R$ 10 thousand and the investor must remain with at least R$ 2,500 of balance and the minimum movement is R$ 1 thousand

In which brokerage house can I have access to invest in the fund: XP Investimentos, BTG, Warren, Guide, Genial, Icap, Necton, RIco, Órama, Easyinvest, active, Mycap

Custody value and investors: Not informed


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Binance VD anser att Centralbankens digitala valutor kan utgöra ett hot mot Bitcoin

Centralbankens digitala valutor (CBDCs) är den hetaste trenden i den globala banksektorn med flera projekt på gång och en CBDC finns redan i Bahamas. När han talade om den här frågan noterade Binance VD Changpeng Zhao att han tror att ökningen av CBDC kan vara ett hot mot Immediate Edge om en mer avancerad version av den utvecklades.

I en intervju med Jeff Roberts, seniorförfattare för mediautgivaren Fortune, blev Zhao tillfrågad om sina åsikter om People’s Bank of China digitala yuan-initiativ och hur det skulle påverka kryptoindustrin som helhet.

I sitt svar sa Zhao att någon blockchain eller kryptovaluta skulle vara bra för industrin eftersom det legitimerar digitala tillgångar och breddar medvetenheten om denna nya teknik och tillgångsklass.

Han tillade att trots loppet som pågår bland större länder för att lansera en statlig digital valuta, kommer dessa CBDC sannolikt att vara mer restriktiva från början men skulle utvecklas över tiden.

Bitcoin kan ersättas

Verkställande direktören frågades direkt om vilket hot CBDC utgör för Bitcoin, vilket han svarade och sa att väldigt få CBDC har samma frihet som Bitcoin och att de skulle vara mycket centraliserade och kontrollerade.

Han varnade dock för att scenariot kan vara annorlunda på lång sikt:

”Om det finns en regering som driver en annan kryptovaluta som är ännu mer öppen, mer gratis, har mindre begränsningar än Bitcoin och är snabbare och billigare att använda, skulle det hota Bitcoin. Men det är bra för branschen, det är bara något bättre än Bitcoin och skulle ersätta det. ”

Han fortsatte att en förändring inte skulle vara en dålig sak och jämförde den här HTML5 som ersatte HTML4.

Zhao frågades också om Binance hade planer på att utfärda ett Yuan-parat stablecoin för att ytterligare komplettera de befintliga stablecoins på börsen. Han svarade att det inte händer när som helst och tillade att det fanns för många begränsningar avseende kapitalflykt från Kina.

Digitala valutor kan skada det finansiella systemet

Men åsikterna tycks variera när det gäller den senaste tidens uppgång av CBDC-trenden. Enligt tysk politiker och styrelseledamot i landets centralbank, Burkhard Balz, kan en digital euro vara ett potentiellt hot mot det finansiella systemet om det används en värdeförråd.

Under förra året publicerade Baselkommittén för banktillsyn, ett internationellt organ som utgör 60 banktillsynsmyndigheter från flera andra länder, ett papper om att trots att kryptoindustrin är för liten jämfört med det globala finansiella systemet, utvidgningen av kryptoindustrin kan visa sig vara riskabelt för bankerna såväl som för den globala ekonomin.

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Bitcoin hat ein 60-faches Marktexpansionspotenzial, sagt die Krypto-Investmentfirma Galaxy Digital – hier ist der Grund

Galaxy Digital Capital Management, ein führendes Unternehmen im Bereich Digital Asset Investing, sagt, dass die Präsenz von Bitcoin auf dem Mainstream-Markt zunimmt und mehr Wachstumspotenzial hat als Gold.

Obwohl das Edelmetall historisch gesehen das bevorzugte, bewährte und verlässliche Sicherheitsnetz der Investoren gegen finanzielle Unsicherheit war, sagt Galaxy Digital in einem neuen Bericht, dass jüngste Investitionen in Bitcoin von der Makro-Investitionslegende Paul Tudor Jones und dem Technologiegiganten MicroStrategy die Attraktivität von Bitcoin als potenzielle Absicherung gegen Inflation hervorheben.

Mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von über 200 Milliarden Dollar, so Galaxy Digital, habe Bitcoin noch enormen Spielraum für Wachstum.

„Die Marktkapitalisierung von Gold liegt derzeit bei über 12 Billionen Dollar. Der Wert von Bitcoin hingegen liegt derzeit bei etwa 200 Milliarden Dollar, weniger als 2 % des Goldmarktes. Daraus ergibt sich eine potentielle mehr als 60-fache Marktexpansionsmöglichkeit, wenn Bitcoin als alternativer, digitaler Wertaufbewahrungsschatz auf das Niveau von Gold wächst.“

Aufgrund seines Open-Source-Ethos und seiner 11-jährigen Geschichte negativer Korrelation zu wichtigen globalen Vermögenswerten hat sich Bitcoin Code von einer obskuren, dezentralisierten Peer-to-Peer-Digitaltransaktionseinrichtung zu einem weltweit anerkannten institutionellen Vermögenswert gewandelt, der gegen politische Zensur oder Einmischung resistent ist.

Die institutionelle Akzeptanz und Nutzung von Bitcoin ist seit der Covid-19-Pandemie sprunghaft angestiegen, dank der steigenden Staatsverschuldung und fiskalischer Anreize, die Rekordhöhen erreichten, sagt Galaxy Digital.

„Top-Investoren und große Institutionen nehmen Bitcoin als Inflationsabsicherung an, darunter die Makrolegende Paul Tudor Jones und MicroStrategy Inc., eine börsennotierte Business Intelligence-Softwarefirma (NASDAQ: MSTR).“

Im August brachte MicroStrategy 250 Millionen Dollar seines Kapitals in Bitcoin ein. Anfang dieses Monats fügte es ihrer Investition 175 Millionen Dollar hinzu, bemerkt Galaxy Digital.

Galaxy Digital sagt, es sei schwer zu sagen, wohin die Zukunft der digitalen Wirtschaft geht.

„Es ist schwer vorherzusagen, wie die digitale Welt der Zukunft aussehen wird, und niemand kann mit absoluter Sicherheit sagen, welche Investitionen oder Vermögenswerte siegreich daraus hervorgehen werden. Bitcoin hat einen großen Vorsprung als weltweit führende Wertalternative zu Gold“.

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Bitcoin pourrait cibler 200000 $ ce cycle, selon l’analyste crypto Nicholas Merten – Voici comment

Nicholas Merten, éminent analyste de la cryptographie et fondateur de DataDash, estime que Bitcoin pourrait atteindre 200000 dollars dans ce cycle de boom actuel.

Dans un récent épisode de DataDash, Merten note que la capitalisation boursière de la DeFi et des crypto-monnaies est relativement petite par rapport au reste des marchés mondiaux, avec encore des tonnes de marge de manœuvre

«[La capitalisation boursière de la crypto-monnaie est de] 346 milliards de dollars. Pas autant. Les marchés immobiliers mondiaux représentent des centaines de billions de dollars. Si vous parlez des marchés du Trésor, les obligations d’État américaines représentent des dizaines de billions de dollars, les obligations mondiales pour les gouvernements dépassent les cent mille milliards de dollars, les marchés boursiers dépassent les cent mille milliards de dollars. Vous comprenez l’essentiel.

Merten voit également Bitcoin comme quelque chose qui suit clairement toutes les lois fondamentales de l’économie, telles que l’offre et la demande, et qui a le récit facilement compréhensible d’être une réserve de valeur.

«Je pense que Bitcoin fonctionnera de manière concise parce que l’économie de Bitcoin a un sens absolu. Le récit est là d’une réserve de valeur. Mais surtout, l’économie des entrées et des sorties est en jeu ici, nous avons donc l’événement de réduction de moitié qui réduit l’émission de l’offre et, parallèlement, des gens empilent Bitcoin à un rythme record.

Comme de nombreux traders Bitcoin l’utilisent comme indicateur de l’action future des prix, Merten a également fait référence au modèle stock-flux (S2F) comme preuve d’une possible explosion à 200000 $

«Si nous regardons le dernier cycle du stock au flux, ce que nous réaliserons, c’est qu’après la réduction de moitié initiée ici à l’été 2016, la juste valeur du Bitcoin ayant en fait augmenté jusqu’en juillet 2017, c’est essentiellement là où le marché aurait dû le dépasser, environ 5 000 $. Il aurait dû dépasser un an après la réduction de moitié en juillet 2017.

Mais ça n’a pas été le cas. Ce qui s’est passé, c’est que nous avons eu une réponse tardive ici et que nous sommes arrivés à la fourchette de juste valeur en octobre 2017, puis nous avons massivement dépassé, comme nous l’avons fait ici pour le modèle stock-flux vers 20 000 $.

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Bakkt ‚Physically Delivered‘ Bitcoin Futures Post New All-Time High

Oggi il mercato dei bitcoin futures di Bakkt ha registrato un nuovo record assoluto con quasi 16.000 contratti scambiati nel corso della giornata. La cifra ammonta a oltre 200 milioni di dollari di volume di scambi per Bakkt.

Il braccio dei derivati bitcoin della Borsa Intercontinentale, Bakkt, ha registrato oggi un nuovo massimo di tutti i tempi. La società con sede a New York che ha iniziato nel 2018 ha dichiarato che l’ultimo record nell’attività di trading di future di BTC sulla sua piattaforma è un salto del 36% rispetto al precedente massimo di tutti i tempi. Ciò avviene dopo che Bakkt ha registrato quasi 150 milioni di dollari in volumi di bitcoin futures il mese scorso.

Nuovo ATH per i Bitcoin Futures di Bakkt: 15.955 (oltre 200 milioni di dollari) Contratti negoziati

Poche ore fa, Bakkt ha preso il suo Twitter per annunciare la notizia del suo mercato dei futures Bitcoin che ha raggiunto un nuovo massimo storico. Secondo i dati condivisi dalla società, 15955 contratti futures BTC del valore di oltre 200 milioni di dollari sono passati di mano. Quest’ultimo risultato rappresenta un aumento del 36% rispetto all’ultimo ATH registrato.

I dati del fornitore di analisi di mercato criptato Skew mostra che l’interesse aperto per il trading di bitcoin futures su Bakkt è salito a 16 milioni di dollari dagli 11 milioni di dollari di venerdì scorso.

Questa è chiaramente una pietra miliare per la piattaforma che si rivolge in gran parte agli interessi di investimento bitcoin degli investitori istituzionali. Inoltre, il 25 agosto (quasi un mese fa), sulla scia dei volumi di trading dei futures di BTC, il 25 agosto, il numero di $150 milioni su Bakkt è aumentato di circa un mese.

Complessivamente il mercato dei derivati BTC è rialzista

Come riportato ieri da CryptoPotato, i numeri indicano un’impennata di bullismo nei mercati dei bitcoin futures e delle opzioni. I trader di futures su BitMEX hanno girato a lungo. L’acquisto di liquidazioni/scommesse lunghe per XBTUSD ha superato i 20 milioni di dollari.

Dopo essere scesi al di sotto dei 4 miliardi di dollari il 4 settembre, l’interesse aperto per i futures Bitcoin ha recuperato il livello di 4 miliardi di dollari di nuovo lunedì. Da allora l’indicatore ha raggiunto il livello più alto. I volumi giornalieri di trading dei futures sono saliti a 11 miliardi di dollari lunedì, sono passati a 12 miliardi di dollari ieri dopo essere scesi drasticamente da 16 miliardi di dollari a 8 miliardi di dollari il 9.

Oltre all’attività rialzista di trading dei futures, esiste anche un sentimento positivo tra i trader di opzioni Bitcoin. Tra tutti i contratti di opzioni che sono stati scambiati lunedì, i più attivi sono stati quelli che hanno „chiamato“ per il prezzo Bitcoin (BTC), raggiungendo un massimo di $36.000 entro la fine dell’anno. I trader di opzioni hanno anche piazzato scommesse lunghe su prezzi BTC rispettivamente di $28.000 e $32.000.

Inoltre, un totale di 2000 contratti di opzioni Bitcoin che sono stati scambiati lunedì su CME hanno richiesto che i prezzi BTC raggiungessero i $11.500, $12.000 e $12.500 entro il 20 ottobre.

La notizia non ha avuto un grande effetto sul prezzo del bitcoin, che è solo un paio di centinaia di dollari in meno di toccare di nuovo il punto di prezzo di 11.000 dollari. Tuttavia, BTC è ancora in rialzo del 6 per cento rispetto alla settimana e sembra pronta per un rally.

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Nowe badanie sugeruje, że większość inwestorów zobaczy, że w przyszłym roku Bitcoin osiągnie 100 tys. dolarów.

Wiara i zaufanie do Bitcoin i jego rosnąca cena wydają się rosnąć zgodnie z wynikami nowego sondażu przeprowadzonego przez Twittera kryptoanalityka Plan B.

Ankieta Bitcoinów sugeruje duże rzeczy
Z badania wynika, że około 51% ludzi uważa, że Bitcoin Up wskoczy w zakres 100.000 dolarów do końca przyszłego roku. Co ciekawe, liczba ta wyraźnie wzrosła od czasu poprzedniego badania. Plan B początkowo przeprowadził to badanie w połowie lipca i zapytał niektórych z jego licznych zwolenników i fanów, gdzie ich zdaniem będzie waluta do końca 2021 roku.

Około 23% uczestników odpowiedziało, że będzie to 100 tys. dolarów, podczas gdy około 17% uważało, że będzie wyższa.

Pozostali widzieli Bitcoin’a handlującego na 55.000$ lub mniej, co oznacza, że tylko 40 procent uczestników czuło, że Bitcoin może złamać sześciocyfrową markę w ciągu około półtora roku. Teraz, to samo badanie zostało przeprowadzone w sierpniu, i wydaje się, że te myślące bitcoin może potencjalnie eksplodować w ciągu najbliższych 16 miesięcy wzrosła o więcej niż dziesięć procent, co oznacza, że Bitcoin reputacja jest silniejsza niż kiedykolwiek wcześniej.

Ponadto, około 22 procent uczestników uważa, że Bitcoin może potencjalnie osiągnąć ponad 280.000 dolarów, co oznacza wzrost o około pięć procent w stosunku do poprzedniego badania.

Kryptoński analityk Willy Woo uważa, że obecne wzorce cenowe Bitcoinu są podobne do tych, których doświadczał w czwartym kwartale 2016 roku. Ma to sens, pod wieloma względami. Był to również rok wyborczy – rok, w którym Donald Trump wyprzedził rywalkę Hilary Clinton na stanowisku głównodowodzącego w listopadzie.

Po wyborach Trumpa cena Bitcoin’a zaczęła eksplodować. Teraz, gdy rok 2020 zbliża się do końca, jesteśmy jeszcze bliżej następnej bitwy prezydenckiej pomiędzy obecnym prezydentem Trumpem a demokratycznie nastawionym i byłym wiceprezydentem Joe Bidenem. Biorąc pod uwagę polityczną rywalizację i napięcie, które przechodzi przez rynki gospodarcze, nie ma wątpliwości, że Bitcoin może wykazywać niektóre z tych samych zachowań.

Przyznane rzeczy będą kontynuowane, prawdopodobnie 2021 r. będzie rokiem kolejnej masowej eksplozji cen kryptońskich. Jak wszyscy pamiętamy, główne ruchy Bitcoin i wiele z jego wysokiej rangi kuzynów altcoin (tj. Ethereum, Ripple, bitcoin cash, itp.) przyszedł w 2017 roku, około 12 miesięcy po tym jak Trump został wybrany. W tym czasie Bitcoin osiągnął swój wszechczasowy haj w wysokości prawie 20 tys. dolarów, choć tym razem analitycy nie przewidują 20 tys. dolarów, ale 100 tys. dolarów.

Powinniśmy iść wyżej?
Niektórzy analitycy przenoszą nawet swoje przewidywania i pomysły na wyższe poziomy, z których jeden – Dan Tapiero – uważa, że bieg byka, o którym mowa, może trwać minimum dwa i pół roku, biorąc go znacznie powyżej progu 2021. W tweecie, wyjaśnia:

Powinien trwać kilka lat, ponieważ 2,5-letnia konsolidacja jest fantastyczną podstawą do katapulty w górę.

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