Bitcoin trafia 17 tys. dolarów po trzech latach; „Największy paraboliczny awans“ z góry? Sylwetka młodej szczęśliwej kobiety na huśtawce, huśtającej się nad Andami, wulkan Tungurahua w tle, domek na drzewie, Ekwador Bitcoin po raz pierwszy w ciągu ostatnich trzech lat przekroczył 17 000 dolarów. Flagowa kryptofaktura trafiła 17 100 dolarów przed nowojorskim dzwonem otwierającym wtorek,

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Bitcoin is clearly in a full-blown bull market, with any slump being aggressively absorbed by buyers as it continues to move higher. In contrast to the BTC rallies of the past, this most recent one has been mainly slow-moving – which shows that Bitcoin has matured as an asset. There have been some major pullbacks

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FC Bayern München bliver symboliseret på Ethereum Blockchain FC Bayern München er den tredje Bundesliga-klub, der samarbejder med Sorare, hvor 100 klubber nu er i partnerskab. Ethereum-baseret fantasy-fodboldplatform Sorare har annonceret et partnerskab med FC Bayern München. Samlere og gamere kan købe, sælge og lege med fodboldkort i begrænset udgave. Sorare har i øjeblikket 45.000

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If Bitcoin can stay above the $10,000 mark for three more days, the next ten-jump is „safe“. Bitcoin (BTC) has now been above the $10,000 mark for almost 100 consecutive days, and if the past repeats itself, the market-leading crypto currency may be poised for astronomical gains. On October 30th, several voices in social networks

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